New deadline 13 August! CFP: American Meteorological Society 2019 (Phoenix, 6-10 Jan) - The Other Uncertainty

Panel: The Other Uncertainty: Social, Political, and Cultural Forms of Uncertainty in Weather Contexts

Organisers: Heather Lazrus, NCAR, Boulder, CO; Jen Henderson, CIRES, Western Water Assessment, Boulder, CO and Julie Demuth, NCAR, Boulder, CO

Description: Uncertainty pervades the prediction and experience of hazardous weather. It emerges in the observations of weather, the development of weather models, the construction and communication of forecasts, the interpretation of forecasts and perceptions of weather risks, and in the complex process of responding to and recovering from hazardous weather. The uncertainty associated with meteorological processes and our knowledge of them is commonly considered and studied. Yet, there are myriad profound types of ambiguity that emerge, interact, operate, and propagate throughout the lifecycle of hazardous weather events which are far less understood. This session seeks abstracts from research in the social sciences that examine non-meteorological types of ambiguity that arise from social, cultural, political, ethical or other variables and become inferred in understandings of a forecast or warning, embedded in perceptions of risk, calculated into decisions, or imbued by context.

Please submit a presentation abstract  here. THE NEW DEADLINE is Monday 13 August 2018.