Climatic Change journal -- Special Issue on "Putting Climate Services in Contexts: Advancing Multi-Disciplinary Understandings"

A new special issue of the journal "Climatic Change" focuses on multi-disciplinary and social-science informed approaches to climate services. Edited by Sophie Webber, the volume includes papers by: Meaghan Daly & Lisa Dilling; Eric Nost; Sophie Haines; Meghan Alexander & Suraje Dessai; Scott E. Kalafatis, Kyle Powys Whyte, Julie C. Libarkin & Chris Caldwell; and many more.

As noted in Webber's introduction:

"This special issue broadens the climate service conversation to include interdisciplinary scholarship. Although the idea of climate services has reoriented the science-society interface with respect to climate change, scholars have thus far paid remarkably little critical attention to its logics, potentials, and impacts (Webber and Donner 2017; Tadaki et al. 2014; Hulme et al. 2009). Important unexamined questions include how have climate services reshaped science-society interactions? Whose priorities are reflected within existing climate service enterprises, and who stands to benefit? And, can climate services ultimately enable effective climate change adaptation, particularly for those vulnerable groups they are intended to serve? In order to attend to this gap, research must understand climate services within existing decision-making hierarchies, institutions and constraints, and question underlying assumptions and practices and analyse global governance structures. This special issue begins such a conversation by engaging rich empirical case studies from varied geographies with critical social methodologies and theories. This interdisciplinary conversation pushes the boundaries of existing research about climate services, unearthing substantive and structural—rather than technical—limits to global climate services, and how these might be redressed in diverse social, political, and cultural contexts." (Webber 2020)